“Me, too.”

“Yours wasn’t that bad.”  “It was forever ago, it doesn’t count.” “You don’t even think about it.” “This isn’t about you.”  “You are fine.”    Even having known the stats, the amount of #metoo over the past two days has been shocking. I have never “counted” my experience(s) and, until this point, have separated myself … More “Me, too.”

Boo Lands in London – A Tiny Tour of my Tiny Flat

I’ve been in London one month and this has been the first time I’ve taken to attempt to reflect and catch up on my biggest life change to date. I am, without a doubt, head-over-heels head-first over-the-moon into-the-deep-end of my own little honeymoon phase, which is the only one I’ve ever experienced with a city. … More Boo Lands in London – A Tiny Tour of my Tiny Flat

Truth Time

Truth time: Last night I almost gave up on the road-trip. Actually, I almost gave up the road-trip on night one. Yesterday, I got a parking ticket in Brisbane. I (literally) missed the boat on my Fraser Island tour for today and I felt really homesick for the first time since I left Calgary at … More Truth Time