I took me on a date

  I took me on a date tonight.   Even in paradise, dream-chasing can be depleting. I needed an exhale; So as the last little fires of sunset disappeared, I felt sand, dug my toes in, and sighed.  Alive, bursting, and vulnerable.  Big eyes and a full heart.    I’m starting to see me; And … More I took me on a date

Boo Lands in Bali

I thought about beginning this with “Still alive!”, but that wouldn’t really begin to cover it. Freedom is what I have hoped to get out of this trip; it’s why I am doing this on my own. For me, how I show up in the world and the expectations that tag along have been as … More Boo Lands in Bali

An Open Letter

An open letter…to you   If you’re reading this, you know me, even if you don’t see me often. What you may not know (not certainly, at least) is that for the past 6 and a half years, I’ve had an eating disorder. I have anorexia. This is the first time I have typed those … More An Open Letter